10 Things not to do while dating a black woman



With the trend of interracial dating catching up, it has been observed that a lot of white men want to meet black women. Asian men also wish to get into a relationship with black women. However, they fail to make a lasting impression owing to their erroneous approach. Here are the top 10 mistakes that men commit, which according to black men are big turn – offs:

Don’t fake it: It is important that you’re honest about who you are and don’t portray someone you’re not. It is essential that you remain honest about your intentions, regardless of what they may be.

Following through is critical: It is important that everything you say or do in the absence of presence of your black woman looks and sounds the same, without there being any inconsistencies.

Playing victim isn’t going to help:
A sob story or one about how bad your previous relationships have been isn’t going to help the cause. She is strong and would expect you to complement her.

Don’t make assumptions: A lot of times, men who have had bad experiences in past relationships, tend to view the actions of their partner through a negative filter. Let go off the past and start anew.

Share your vision: If you know she is the woman you want in your life, convey this to her and let her know that you see a future together. Do not talk about marriage unless you actually mean it.

Be expressive: Having learnt everything the hard way, she would strive to make you a better man. A black woman will love you to death but that doesn’t mean she would tolerate everything you do. Remember, she can go to any extent to mend your ways.

She cannot be impressed with money alone: Accept it, life has its ups and downs and the money you make today may be gone tomorrow. Impress her with love, patience, liability and character rather than showering her with expensive gifts.

Have the courage to admit your mistakes:
Instead of overreacting and justifying your actions, it is always better to accept your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. She will certainly respect this action of yours.

Give her freedom:
You cannot tie her to the home when you hang out with friends and attend parties. Black women love to have fun but instead of friends, they prefer spending time with their family.

Don’t compare them with stereotypes: Regardless of whether or not she belongs to a different race, comparing her with a person from another race would draw criticism. Treat her as an individual, who is capable of taking decisions rather than someone who’s part of a community.

Follow the aforementioned guidelines and you’d never go wrong with connecting with a black woman of your dreams and start your relationship of black and white dating.

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