3 Tips to help you win an Influential Black Woman’s Heart


Black women are strongly admired by men in several races probably because of that distinctness in skin color and all they have heard in general. They have probably heard that Black women, especially the influential ones, have a strong heart and as such find it difficult to approach any. Meanwhile, influential Black women desire a man who is not intimidated by their beauty, education, wealth, power, sense of reasoning, and other strong characteristics they may possess. The question now is how does a man who has never been involved with a Black woman before summon up courage to meet her? Especially when they live in the same neighborhood.

Get Set to Meet Her

Getting set doesn’t only involve picking the best suit in your collection and matching it up with your most expensive shoe. First things first, you need a job, a residence, and optionally, a vehicle. These are just basic things you need to live comfortably; and any woman who sees this will instantly sense your readiness for her. The next important thing you need are some form of goals you intend achieving which may be short term, or long term. Any Black woman who sees your laid down plans for the future would definitely develop interest in you. At times, one’s plan for the future supersedes any amount of money he has at the moment, so white men looking for black women should have nothing to do with how much you have in your pocket, but how much you have in your head.

Talk Less, Listen More

After setting up yourself for the meeting, the next thing is to approach her and invite her to dinner at a decent restaurant or bar. Although it’s natural for a man to start up conversations at outings, all you are required to do in this case is bring up the topics and do more of listening than talking. In order to avoid talking more, be the one to ask the questions all the time and watch her speak. When she throws some back at you, go straight to the point and find a way to return the questions. By so doing, you’ll ease yourself of that tension you definitely don’t want her to notice. Influential Black women can be very sensitive to every of your actions and you need to also match her levels of sensitivity by knowing when to look into her eyes, when to stare away, and when to make certain statements. One more thing, you don’t have to start any discussion about your home, work and others without her asking as it’s possible you end up making proud statements. Let her ask you about it and let your answer be shallow; except she goes deep, don’t go deep!

Talk Now

After an hour or less of talking more and listening less, it’s time to steal the show. From her statements, you probably can tell how influential she is already. You can also tell where her weakness lies and where she needs motivation. With all these in mind, start saying anything and everything that corrects her style of reasoning, motivates her to go higher, challenges her to do better than she currently is, and accounts her for failing in certain areas. Identify her skills and let her know how she can improve on it to become the best. There are a lot more to talk about for black women white men and the good thing is that once you start, all the tension previously in you disappears. It’s like taking the bull by the horn; you’ll see her smiling, laughing, and staring at you in awe.


No matter how influential Black women are, they are moved by words. Even if she is more influential than you are, all you have to do is just make the little you have seem comfortable, even though you have your eyes set on higher grounds and she’ll definitely give you that attention you desire. She may say it just yet, but she has actually been in search for someone like you.

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