6 clever ways interracial couples in Australia maintain closeness in a long distance relationship


Interracial couples in Australia who have a long distance relationship do have the luxury of spending plenty of time together. In fact, they have limited time with another which can make things tricky but they do make the most of it until they see each other again. Distance is a very tough huddle but plenty of couples deal with it by having regular, long phone calls with each other. While long phone calls is a good thing, intimacy does take a back sit in the long-distance interracial relationship in Australia however, this article will provide some useful tips that help build intimacy and closeness.

i. Pay each other a visit as often as you can – Visiting each other as often as possible is very important. Staying at each other homes rather than taking a mini-break for the weekend together helps bring couples together because they are able to see their partner’s daily routine. Familiarity, as they say, starts at home and this is why spending time at each other homes is a much better way to build closeness and intimacy over a holiday somewhere.

ii. Send each other pictures – The way that smartphones or tablet devices have evolved over the years has made taking pictures and sending them to each other very easy. It is important that interracial couples in a long distance relationship take advantage of the features these devices provide by a regular taking quick picture and sending them to each other. What this does is add transparency to the relationship which is very important when it comes to building trust.

iii. Do not be afraid to over-share – Closeness and intimacy can easily be built while couples are apart through talking. This sounds simple enough and straightforward but couples who talk about their daily lives even the silliest things have a very high chance of increasing their closeness and intimacy compared to those who do not speak much at all.

iv. Video chatting – Doing this on a daily basis does help massively, however, it is all about taking time out busy schedules and making a quick video call. Seeing each other every day even if it just a few minutes can go a long way in developing closeness and intimacy. Visual connections that are consistent help interracial couple in Australia who are in a long distance interracial relationship build confidence as well as familiarity in getting to know each other.

v.Fantasising – Fantasising about physical intimacy while apart is also a wonderful way the interracial couple in Australia deals with distance. They let their imagination create stories and they share them with each other. A discussion of possibly acting out the fantasies when they meet can also take place which can spark excitement.

vi. They are winning to learn – When couples are apart from each other, chances are there will be things about each other they are not aware of and distance does help a couple learn about each other. Whether it is their favorite film, food, song etc there is always something new worth learning all the time.

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