Black and White Dating While You’re a Millionaire


African Americans have been around as long as the first Colonialists and have a vibrant, industrious history as inventors, war heroes, leaders, writers and musicians.  African American culture has developed along parallels with European American culture, yet integration of the two societies has been a slow, uphill struggle.
And yes, that attraction is even more taboo when one of you is a millionaire!  Today, many millionaires are attracted to black and white opposites dating.  There may be a black man looking for a white women , or a white millionaire seeking a black wife.

Stereotypes About Race and Money and the Truth

You will find that tastes for particular culture, food, career and entertainment is regional, regardless of color or even economic status.  If you were dating a white person from the rural south, you would find the same collard greens boiling on a back burner that you would find in a black kitchen.  There would be the same small garden plot in the back yard, the same dutiful fingers shelling peas or snapping green beans on the front porch, the same delicious recipes for potato salad, corn fritters and barbecued pork.

A millionaire black businessman from New York would probably have a taste for gourmet foods and quality restaurants and could certainly show a young white woman a great night on the town.

It’s true that the highest percentage of African Americans live in the southern states along the East Coast, or in the major cities on the West Coast, but much of this has to do with point of origin.  The African American population is as transient as the European American – they just don’t have the same numbers.

An Inuit recently returned from a visit to her Arctic village completely amazed because a black person had settled there and opened a grocery store.  “He was even learning to speak Inupiaq,” she said excitedly, hinting that was a language that most of her white neighbors had never tried to learn.  Anchorage, Alaska, is three percent black, which isn’t bad considering African Americans make up only fifteen percent of the overall US population.

The Social Climate

You will also find that cultural differences between black and white are very minimal and it actually has more to do with money.  Of course, when one partner is a millionaire, money ceases to be an issue.

Still, money issues can be problematic depending on region.  For example, there are many problem locations within the United States where blacks receive fewer educational opportunities and even fewer job opportunities.  If you’re millionaire white dating a black person from a low-income part of the city, you might find an undercurrent of resentment within a community that sees you as privileged and find it necessary to be patient and understanding.

The farm belt of Middle America is traditionally white and traditionally close-knit.  You may be enamored with that cute gal from Iowa, but dating her might provoke a flurry of whispered gossip from every furtive cell phone if you’re a millionaire black man.  Conversely, a black woman dating a white Iowa millionaire, who is considered a major provider and king of the castle, will probably have no problem fitting into the family circle.

Generally speaking, there’s really very little difference in culture, customs, foods and destination preferences.  African Americans and European Americans have lived side by side for over two centuries.

For that matter, once you date a millionaire and get past all those money issues, you will find that living together is much the same, whether you’re poor or wealthy.  At the end of the day, you simply want a partner you can trust, whose company you enjoy, and who you can snuggle up to on a cold night in front of a TV set.  Follow your heart and take a chance!

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