BLACK WHITE DATING: 5 Actions to take when you catch your Boyfriend exchanging messages with his ex-lover


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No one in a relationship should be in a position where they are scared or feel insecure about who their lover is exchanging messages with whenever they are on their phone. You should be free to communicate as you please without having your lover on your shoulder constantly checking to see if you are cheating on them, however, most men have a bad habit of not letting go of their exes. They tend to keep them in their phone and will message them secretly from time to time even when they are in a new interracial relationship.

1. Say to him that it is hurting your feeling that he is speaking to his ex
Don’t be afraid to open up to him and expressing how you really feel about him text messaging his ex. If it makes you feel uneasy and very uncomfortable, speak your mind because holding it in will only make things worse for you emotionally.

2. Tell him to explain how he feels about his ex
Does he still have feelings for her? Are they just friends? This is what you have to get to the bottom of and you can only do that by asking him. Sit down with him when you catch him in the act and ask him to explain how he really feels about her. If he still carries a torch for her, its best to find out by yourself this way rather than discover later on he is cheating on you with her.

3. If all they have is a friendship, ask him to help you feel at ease about it
Jealousy is an emotion that comes out in us in relationships because we don’t want to share the person we are dating with anyone else. When you catch your boyfriend in the act of texting his ex-girlfriend, it is very easy to go into a jealous rage. Instead, you can ask him to help you feel at ease about it if all they have is a friendship and nothing serious. This will do you some good and comfortable about it because he will not have to hide it to you that he is texting her. He can do it in the open knowing full well you are ok with it and won’t turn into the incredible hulk on him.

4. Hear what he has to say about the matter and give yours some thinking time
When you catching him texting her, give him an opportunity to explain himself. Hear him out to see if there is a logical explanation for this actions and don’t rush your decision. Give yourself some time to think and if he still has feelings that are unresolved for her, you need to make a decision whether you want to carry on with the interracial relationship or not. Being with a man who still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend is not healthy for your heart. A broken heart is very hard to piece together so spare yourself the pain as well as emotional torture and simply leave the situation. There is plenty of fish in the city and you will eventually find someone perfect for you who won’t be texting their ex on a low and will focus on you.

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