Blasian Romances – Black Women and Asian Men are Getting Together and It’s About Time!


Love and relationships have always been color blind. Even before the civil rights era, for thousands of years or recorded history, people of different nationalities, races and ethnicities were getting together and falling in love—despite objections from their families, their in-laws or even all of society that sought to put limits on romantic freedom.

Times are certainly different now thanks to the open minds of the millennial generation, who, according to a recent poll, now embrace interracial dating at a rate of nine out of ten with no problem whatsoever. This coincides with reports from Pew Center Research, suggesting that that what was once 13% of Americans approving of interracial dating has grown to 56% in 2009 and only continues to grow.

But What is Allowable Isn’t Always What’s Popular

Unfortunately, what is now allowable isn’t always popular. According to reports from OKCupid Quick Match Scores, there were some very revealing answers about interracial preferences. The biggest “penalties” among users (meaning deliberate actions users took to penalize one type of match) were among Asian men and black women. White women penalized Asian men by as high as 27 percent and White men penalized black women as much as 17 percent.

Why is there a non-racist but still “out of fashion” personal rejection of black women and Asian men? The answer could well be in a more subtle and non-aggressive racist attitude, especially coming from Hollywood and the fashion industry, which suggests that black women and Asian men are just not “attractive” the way white people are.

Therefore, it should surprise no one that these two niches, black single women dating Asian men, have found comfort in each other. They have both been rejected by mainstream white society because of stereotypes and media influence. However, they are desirable to each other and they can both appreciate each other with an open-minded attitude that doesn’t give power to stereotypes and racial biases.

Blasian romances, as they are called, is an increasing trend and you can find many couples on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and the like. They may have a mutual love of each other’s culture, a similar view with regards to social justice (as they have both probably faces prejudice from white society and stereotyping), and just a simple desire to get to know someone who isn’t going to be close-minded about interracial dating.

The Stereotypes Aren’t True!

Black women are often raised to be strong and confident. As they look outside the box of the typical American male, black or white, they may realize that Asian-American men have a lot to offer in international masculinity, not in the same overly aggressive way that American males often behave. Asian men are often trained by their fathers to work hard, be intelligent and cherish their families. They are raised to be tolerant but to be firm and confident in their beliefs just the same. Some have a very complex understanding of religion and spirituality, deeper than the usual American monotheistic approach to religion. Even the Asians’ view of sex is far more intricate and intensive than America’s (i.e. the Kama Sutra,Tantra) which oftentimes simplifies sex to a single goal.

Asian men may also appreciate the confident nature of black women, their loving support that they offer to men they love, and their shapely curves. Black woman have been unfairly masculinized, just as Asian men has been feminized by a critical eye. It’s simply time to look outside the box and start to find treasure in unexpected places.

Most importantly, the more we as a mainstream society see interracial couples out in the open, the less “strange” it will be. The more it will be accepted and embraced. black women daitng white men and black women dating asian men, then, more people will start to take chances with new interracial partners and not fall back into old routines.

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