For the White Men Who Want to Date Black Women


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Of the various interracial pairings possible, the black women and white men are the most charged, so you should be applauded for your levels of ambition. This supreme confidence or obliviousness toward the satiation will serve you well in your pursuits and this article supports you.

You may want to know what’s the magic of black girl magic, may have a specific woman in mind who has blown you away or you may have dated plenty of black women before. Either way, help is here to ease your upcoming journey so you can nab this gorgeous woman.

The Approach

This is where that confidence is going to pay off. Black women are used to a black man’s approach, which is to say a more direct, upfront show of interest or desire. If the lady you’ve been giving googly eyes to seems unresponsive, she may actually be unaware of your feelings.

In her mind you may be so subtle, you couldn’t possibly be interested in her. This is a good time to try a bolder style. It doesn’t have to be miles away from your comfort zone either, simply telling her you think she’s [insert positive adjective here] is plenty.

The Bedroom

Everyone knows the rumors, seen the porn and read the studies about well-endowed black men, but it really doesn’t do any good to spend time being concerned about whether or not you measure up. More than anything, sex is based on the personalities involved, so dive in and get down how you get down.

As long as you aren’t completely terrible at being a human being, the sex should not be a problem.

The Racism

If you grew up in the United States, there’s a high chance you’re biased, racist or prejudiced. That doesn’t mean you subscribe to KKK Weekly, but it’s improbable that there’s not a low-grade level in you because racism sort of works that way.

Black women assume this and deal with it, but please know that and own it. Saying things like “I don’t see race”, is beneath you. Acknowledge how a white person growing up in the US is probably at minimum, a little biased, and that you want to become more conscious and aware over time.

She’ll know you are an open-minded person and that you want to respect and honor the person she is. Then do that by keeping your ears and eyes open when those moments come up. They will. It may be difficult at first, but you’ll get through it and the two of you may be stronger for it.

The Truth

You don’t need to watch certain movies, dress a certain way or listen to a specific type of music to date a black woman, so don’t change your personal tastes to attract or date a black woman.

Being open to trying new things with her is great and she’ll hopefully be open enough to do the same. Yes, that is pretty much a description of the dating process and getting to know someone new.

Good luck.

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