How Interracial Dating Can Act As a Weapon Against Racism


interracial dating

For many couples in interracial relationships finding love and happiness is very possible with many success stories from all over the world.  True love is when you find you have common goals, a common vision in life and look at things the same way.

When you put all these things together you  make a long lasting marriage. Interracial dating brings together people from different racial or ethnic backgrounds, crossing the racial divide in a new world. In the past 3 decades, interracial marriages in the U.S have soared almost twofold.

However, when you are in an interracial relationship, more often than not you will experience the inevitable ugly face of racism. For people who encounter racism and prejudice for the first time, shock and disappointment usually follows. It is therefore important to expect and be prepared for it—even if you live in progressive cities.

Racism today does not necessarily constitute the old brutal hangings we watch in TV series like roots. Subtle racism manifests itself through funny looks, snide comments, and cheeky nick names as well.

Starting from scratch
The first thing any interracial couple should do is educate themselves on racism and prejudice. To overcome racism in dating we need to understand that racism makes no logical sense and is a result of ignorance. Nobody was born a racist, they just learn or are taught to hate.

Racism has been around for a minute, read books on racism and learn how other people have dealt with racism. Learn how to control your emotions and redirecting your energy whenever you are confronted with ignorant people who will enjoy hating on others based on ethnicity.

Advocate for tolerance and educate to all those who will listen especially young people who are very impressionable. Try and initiate conversations that help people better understand racism. Use interracial relationships as a way of showing that hate can be overcome with love.

You do not have to hold huge rallies or anything but it can be even at your grocery store or in your small community. Try as much as possible to make sure that you understand .what you are speaking of.

Handling racial attacks and confrontations
Today’s world has made remarkable strides towards accepting swirl dating. There are laws that protect intermarriages and people are no longer shocked at two people from different ethnicities getting hitched.

Unfortunately hate towards interracial dating still exists just that people have learnt hide their hate and prejudice. Veiled racism is just as bad as open discrimination and interracial couples have fell victim to this vice.

If a verbal racial attack occurs, you need to call out the person(s) and tell them they are racist for disrespecting someone or discrimination someone based on race. If it happens again give them a warning on their harassment, explaining you have the legal right to report them to the authorities. If it persist call the cops, wait for them and avoid any physical confrontation.

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