How to respond if your rich man is giving you the silent treatment


dating a rich man

Being given the silent treatment means your partner is ignoring you or not acknowledging you in any way, shape or form. Silent treatments are common when one partner is upset with their significant other or after a couple have an argument.

Being given the silent treatment can be hurtful, especially to women who are seen as more emotional than men. A good relationship relies on healthy communication and if there is a lack of that, things can turn sour very quickly. If you are being given the silent treatment when dating a rich man, there are a number of ways you can respond to it.

I. Cool yourself off: When there is tension in the air and your rich partner is giving you the silent treatment, give yourself some time to think and reflect on what caused the tension and silent treatment to begin with. In the heat of the moment when you are fuming and ranging, you can say things which you might end up regretting in the end. When you’ve calmed down and understand the cause of the silent treatment, you can begin putting things right with your partner. They will have to start talking to you eventually as they can’t ignore you forever.

II. Give your partner some alone time to gather their thoughts: Silent treatment is a form of communication too and it’s not right for you to do the thinking for your partner and trying to understand what’s in their head. Give them some time alone to gather their thoughts before confronting them. The last thing you want is to make the situation worse than it already is by fanning the flames. He will come around eventually once he has cooled off.

III. Only apologize if you mean it: If you have the tendency of giving false apologies, the relationship with your rich man will not last very long. When you feel you’re in the wrong and want to apologize for it, make sure you are sincere in your apology because it will show your partner that you care and truly are truly sorry.

IV. Have some healthy communication rules: As pointed out above, health communication is very important in a relationship when during the rocky times. If there are problems on the communication side of things or there is a break down in how messages are transmitted, it can lead to misinterpretation brings about more anger and frustration from both parties. Sit down with your partner and come up with some rules to help the flow of communication so that you have some transparency.

V. Some counselling session can help: The last resort of dealing with silent treatment is counselling session. This is where there will be a mediator who will help bridge the communication gap. If you are both still having problems communicating with each other, this is worth a shot. They will help you both create a balance in your interracial relationship where communication is healthy and there is less silent treatments when either part is upset or angry with the other.

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