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interracial dating
Dating an interracial partner is so fascinating and exciting. But just like any other relationship, you will be faced by ups and downs. Sometimes you can solve them and continue with your interracial relationship but at times they are just too much to bear and can make you lose the will to go on, which could eventually lead to a breakup. Sometimes it’s not even a matter of ups and downs, but one may just find out that there is no real chemistry or you are just not compatible. In this case, you will need to find a fair and mature way of breaking up with your partner to overcome the situation. Below are a few of the tips that you could use when faced by such a situation.
1. Discuss the race thing.
You might think it’s wise not to bring up the race issue when considering a breakup but, in reality, if you never speak about it your partner will imagine you dumped them because of your racial differences.
Discuss everything, racial differences included, when you want to quit being in the relationship. If you don’t like something about their culture, how the family is reacting towards your relationship, how people are staring at you or how you personally feel about interracial dating, say it. The more you become open to your partner, the easier it will be to breakup.
2. Don’t feel too guilty; the truth shall set you free.
After all, the purpose of dating is to get to know more about your partner until you reach the realization of whether you really like them or not. Some habits don’t show during the first few dates but after spending more time together, they will eventually come out.
These habits might make you more attracted to someone or make you lose the spark. It may not be a mutual feeling so you may be the one to want to end it. That can be difficult, but have a fair way of doing it.
Don’t just ignore calls or texts without giving a reason. Don’t lie about not seeing each other anymore. Be open and say it. Rejecting your partner hurts but stringing them along hurts more.
3. If the relationship is not clear, keep it unknown to your family.
Most people nowadays want to be introduced to their partner’s’ family as soon as they start seeing each other. Take it slow. Be sure that the interracial relationship is serious enough and it’s not just a casual fling before family is brought into the picture.
The family might like your partner by judging the one side they have seen, yet you may later discover some weird personality traits that you can’t stand and the idea of breaking up might meet rejection and pressure from your family because they only know your partner as a good person.
4. Understand that preferring one race, and not the other, is not racism.
People from other races will approach you because they have heard or seen that you date people from other races apart from your own. Being open minded and simply nice, you may decide to give them a chance but then you realize that you made a mistake, the attraction is not happening, you just want someone from a given race. Instead of living a lie, you will have to call it quits and look for someone from that race you are naturally attracted to.
Don’t feel guilty, that is just who you are, don’t consider yourself a racist because you are not. You should never feel obliged to date someone you are not attracted to; there are a lot of fish out there. You will definitely not run out of options.

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