INTERRACIAL DATING: Thing you should avoid if your boyfriend is acting cold towards you


Here are some interracial dating tips for women.

When your boyfriend is cold to you, that is not a very good feeling at all because it leaves you feeling empty and confused about his recent change in mood. Clearly, something is happening that he is not opening up to you about and if that is the case, most women often ask themselves what are the things they shouldn’t and should do when their lover is being cold to them.

1. Quit worrying about him
If you stay awake half time night worrying about him, you are not doing him or yourself any favors. What will end up happening here is he will notice that you are beginning to worry about him and it will make more become more cold towards you as well as nervy.

2. Comfort him
Going off on him without understanding the reasons why he is suddenly gone cold on you is not the best of ideas. What you have to do is simply reassure him and tell him that he is strong and will deal with whatever demons he is facing. Don’t treat him like a baby or a child, remember he is a full grown man and any level of support you can give him will boost his confidence.

3. Do not take things very personally
When a guy is being cold, that does not meat is your fault or it is down to your actions. As pointed out earlier, there could be other reasons in his life that have made him suddenly go cold. It could be things that are happening at work, family issues or even his friends. Whatever the cause might be, it has no bearing on you as a person and doesn’t take this personal.

4. Don’t cause a scene when he opens up about the issue
Anyone who goes cold on their lover is clearly vulnerable because of what is bothering them. When he decides to open up and speak to you about any issues he is going through, don’t be demanding, instead be very supportive. Tell him you are there for him when he needs you and he has your full backing.

5. Trying to deal with his problems
If you decide to step in and take on his problems, it might put your relationship at risk. If your help was needed at any point, he would have certainly asked you for it definitely but you are his lover at the end of the day and not his parent. If you try and play the parent figure on him, he will feel like he is being smothered when you make his business, your business. Let him deal with it the best way he can and just support him.

6. Playing tricks to get him to be open about his problems
If you resort to using dirty tricks to get him to tell you what is happening, he will start to be more distant towards you and add to his stress because he doesn’t trust you anymore. In the future, he will know not to come to you if problems arise in his life.

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