Interracial Dating – What To Do on Your First Date


With several interracial dating sites all over the internet, it is quite easy to meet someone from a different race with just a little search. It is however not just the meeting that matters but what you feel about the person; the bond you both share even though you have not seen face-to-face before.  Online dating is an avenue to discuss about each other’s life and plans for the future. While there are several discussions suitable for online chat, sensitive discussions should be postponed until you meet in person. Below are a few tips on what to do or expect on your first date.

Agree on a Neutral Location

For every first date, location matters a lot. Remember the saying “First impression matters”; what this mean is that everything you do or say that day determines what you both nurse in mind for each other. An ideal location is one that is neither too expensive nor too cheap; it just has to be OK whether you are stinking rich or just an average earner. One important reason why you have to stick to a neutral location is because you need her to be focused on what you have to say and not on the elegance or the awfulness of the place. Examples of neutral locations include local museums, movie theatre, botanical gardens, eatery, etc.

Make Sure She’s What You Want

Every man knows what he wants in a woman shape wise. While you have seen several pictures of her online, seeing the real figure is all that matters because photographs have a way of adding or subtracting from the natural features of women. If you are a type that loves chubby women, make sure she is as chubby as you want. Even if she doesn’t match your dream woman, still make the conversation flow normally as there are other features you may come to love more than just her shape.

Discuss at Length

Even if you feel you both have discussed every possible thing through the dating site and phone calls, still bring up relevant topics. There’s this feeling that surrounds the air when sensitive topics are discussed face-to-face, it helps strengthen the bond that may have already been created. Sensitive topics or questions include:

Have you ever been involved with interracial relationships? If yes, why did it end? If no, how do you feel meeting me?
If you notice that her excitement levels is on the high side, ask her how she thinks you both can make the relationship work.
Discuss about each other’s culture and how receptive families are to visitors from different races.
Discuss about your love for each other and how to keep it burning.

These are just few of several sensitive topics that can be discussed on a first date. You can use your discretion to bring up more as the discussion flows.
Be Receptive to New Ideas

Every race has its own culture so you should be willing to learn from each other. It’s possible you’ve heard a lot about people and women in particular from that race; now you have the opportunity to ask from a reliable source. If the conceptions are what you can live with, learn to live with it, after all the love you have for her is what matters most. By exchanging cultures and embedding it in each other, you’ll succeed in creating a strong bond that would be fueled with love and passion.

Ensure She Enjoys the Outing

One of the greatest gift a man can have on a first date is sensitivity; and the reason why you need it is because women would most likely not say how they feel about you or your meeting venue. It is therefore left to you to read their actions and decide if everything is fine or if some adjustments need to be made. If you sense that she isn’t cool with the venue, you can immediately suggest a different venue or ask her which she prefers. By making her feel important and loved, she’ll adore you and that could start up a new phase in your relationship.

In conclusion, the above tips for black women white men dating are just what you need to set the ball rolling on your first date. Once you do that successfully, you’ll be surprised to see every other thing falling in place without much effort.

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