Obama – The Face of Black and White Dating



Identity issue is one of the most important topics nowadays. All nations and almost every race has to deal with it. Even nowadays and after many historical and cultural improvements, biracial and interracial dating and marriages are facing some difficulties. The most known role model for these couples in the past few years is Barack Obama. Born in interracial family, to a white mother and a black father and mostly raised by his white family from Kansas, he represents a symbol of democracy.
Growing up in the hostile environment, many couples find it difficult to fit in. Their biracial children are often facing extreme circumstances. They often grow up in orphanage due to a certain public pressure. There are many examples for this and Kristine Brown is one of them. Like many abandoned children she had to face adoption.  She was adopted by a white couple after her mother realized she was going to a black colored child in an illegitimate marriage. All her childhood she was facing with white people’s cultural heritage and had to attend school where she was often neglected. The most disturbing event happened when her hair was set on fire by children who didn’t have apprehension for her identity and cultural background.

Until 2000, many interracial couples had to decide between their religious, racial and cultural heritage. Consequently, these couples had to defer to one side or another and that usually led to some multicultural difficulties.

Divided into two categories, for black and white people, set up by U.S. Census Bureau, makes it far more difficult to track these multicultural and interracial communities considering this is something institutions are just getting familiar with.

President Barack Obama has a strong role in raising awareness that will help increase public understanding for this issue. After publishing his own book many people and nations changed their way of view on interracial dating. His speeches on democracy have very powerful role in today’s society. Encouraging fact is increase in black and white marriages and multicultural born children.  Indeed, there is no need for abandoning your own identity, culture, language and religious views. Democratic way of thinking may be the only right way for raising awareness. Preventing hate and racial prejudice is one of the most important things society needs to establish. During those changes it has role models that should look up to.

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