Some fascinating dating facts black singles will surely want to know


Being a single is not that much happening, no matter to which community you belong to, whether white or black. It is always a hard thing to remain single, especially for a long period of time. After all, everyone what’s a life partner sometime in their life.

However, leaving all that behind if you are a black single, you will surely want to know some amazing sex and dating facts. Just, read on and brush up your dating knowledge. You will find these facts quite interesting. It is helpful for black women seek white men or white men seek black women.

1. Do you know that female orgasms can actually ease headaches because of the endorphin rush? Yes, it is true, as claimed by

2. Playboy claims that more than men, women are the ones who talk dirty while having sex. Better to wash out your mouth, ladies!

3. Almost 500 to 1000 deaths every year are caused by autoerotic asphyxiation in America. This gives you a reason why you should not hang yourself during that intimate moment. Federal Bureau of Investigation says this.

4. Live Strong claims that two main things that lead to temporary impotence are smoking and tight jeans.

5. You cannot enjoy that vibration if you live in the South, as sex toys are still banned in Mississippi and Alabama, according to state’s law. The Fox News is where I got this information.

6. On an average basis, men have seven sex partners, in comparison to women who have only four throughout their lifetime. The National Center for Health Statistics claims this.

7. Almost 51 per cent of single blacks make use of flattery in order to show their interest in a prospective partner. I read this on one of black white dating sites.

8. All the ladies out there will know that they are not just the ones, but other women too are facing it like them, as only 29 per cent women always experience their orgasm while having sex, in comparison to 75 per cent of men who do enjoy it. The Social Life Survey and National Health claim this.

9. On Facebook, links that are related to sex are 90 per cent more shared than non-sex links. claims this.

10. After reading this, you will certainly know that web daters are really serious for their love. Reuters says that on an average basis, couples who meet online, court for 18.5 months prior to getting married, while offline couples court for 42 months on an average prior to their marriage.

11. In America, women lie the most about their physical build, age, and weight in their online profiles, whereas men fib about their height, income, as well as age.

12. In America, there are 54 million singles, out of which one tenth singles make use of dating services in order to find a partner. I read this on the Plenty of Fish Blog.

13. The silver screen is not a very good idea, when it comes to a first date. It says that less than 1 per cent of singles believe that watching a movie on their first date is good.

With these statistics, I guess you learnt atleast something. However, statistics are not everything, you should rather follow your heart when it comes to dating someone.

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