Top 10 US Cities to Find Black Women and White Men Dating


Chances are, if you live in a small town and you’re the only minority there, you might not find a compatible match. If you’re a white person and are smitten with a black local, there’s about a 50/50 chance that person may not be interested. When that happens, it’s really time to expand your horizons and go out to see a bigger city.

Large cities tend to have more people, a generally more liberal atmosphere and more selection when it comes time for black women to meet white men. Interracial couplings are far more common in the city. You might even be surprised to know that there are quite a few “red states” which are dominated by conservatives, like Texas, Arizona, Alabama and Georgia.

In fact, these ten cities are the best places to meet an opposite race partner for white men black women dating or black women meet white men.

Vallejo/Fairfield, California is one of the most diverse cities for interracial dating, just because of its high population of caucasions, Latinos and African-Americans. There are also just as many Asians as there are blacks, so it has a great population to choose from.

San Francisco, California may have a reputation of being gay friendly, but it also has a whopping population 23% Asian share of the community, which is higher than the black and Hispanic populace. A melting pot of diversity!

Washington D.C. is not only the capital but also a racially diverse mix of black, Hispanic and Asian communities, along with 3% other races, leaving only 48.6 percent of white share in the community.

New York, New York is always a favorite to mention because of the huge immigration population around New York, and Long Island and all the way down to New Jersey for that matter. Here it’s not just racial diversity but culture diversity too.

Las Vegas, Nevada, particularly the Paradise section, is a great location for interracial fun, given the high tourist and immigrant population, particularly Hispanics which are 29 percent of the share. Vegas is also a party city so there is always places to go and interesting people to meet.
Laredo, Texas is not as cool as Austin, but it does have a huge Latino population—actually 95 percent of the share in the diverse community.

Austin and Houston, Texas are both known as high populated and more liberal cities in which there is a high number of immigrants, modern descendants, visiting tourists and plenty of experimental singles hitting the clubs and taverns.

Santa Barbara, California has a high degree of single women, which are evenly matched with single men, and also has plenty of aspiring talent; actors, writers, singers, and so on. The average annual income is also high at over 83,000, and when you’re rich why not celebrate?
Miami, Florida has a racially diverse population and also has more women than men, at a rate of 9.6% more. There is also a singles population of 37% and four taverns for every 1000 people.

Chicago, Illinois has more women than men, a very diverse population and a more Midwestern-style in its singles. It is also very popular on Tinder with 8% more women than men.

Of course, going to clubs and meeting people in person can be a hassle. It is also not that easy to pick someone up in a common setting like a bookstore, grocery store or mall. That’s why many turn to online dating, where you can relax, engage in conversation, and simply enjoy black and white singles dating without heavy dating pressure.

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