What a White Person Needs to Remember when Dating Interracially


Society generally treats white people well – they haven’t had to deal with many issues along the course of history. That is, until they go against the societal norm. And in many ways, dating someone from another race is breaking the social norm.

Interracial dating isn’t a new concept, but it is something that still raises a few eyebrows. There are challenges for both people in an interracial relationship, but arguably there are more things that the white person needs to keep in mind. If you’re white but your partner isn’t, bear these things in mind to help the relationship sail on smooth seas.

Talking about race is ok

It is a pretty obvious thing between you, that you have different racial backgrounds. So talk about it. Don’t let it become some awkward elephant in the room. Talk about the things that make you uncomfortable about race, such as racial discrimination and white supremacy. These big topics will let you both get your views across so that you become more comfortable with each other. Discuss the political events and stance surrounding race. Get the air clear, no matter how difficult it is at first.

Family relationships are going to be challenging

You might not be able to win over your partner’s parents as easily as you could if you were going into a white person’s house. This is much because of the fact you can’t even begin to understand their upbringing and history. But you can empathise. And you can ask questions. And you can be respectful. You’ll win them over eventually – it just might take longer than you expect for them to realise you’re a decent human.

Racism will still exists

Welcome to society – it’s racist. Just because you’re dating outside your race doesn’t mean that you’ve solved racism. As a white person, you’re still going to hear ignorant comments about racial misjudgments. And odds are, they’re going to affect you now that you have a whole new insight into other races. This is your chance to speak up and make points about racism that you want to see changed. You can’t change racism by dating someone who isn’t white, but you can take the chance to be a social activist about it.

You’ll have to make changes

Ok, every relationship needs compromise. As a white person entering a different race, you’re the one who will have to make more changes and compromises. White people have struggled with this in the past, but don’t let it ruin your future! You’re going to have to be more open minded, more willing to try to new foods, more accepting of your partner’s cultural practices, and so on. Sure, your partner will adapt to your cultural practices. But if they’re an ethnic minority living in a white dominated society, chances are they’re used to your stuff. Your the one who is going to have your eyes opened far more than they are. And this is an exciting opportunity – make the most of it.

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