Why Are People Against Interracial Relationships?


Since interracial relationships are certainly not against the bible, you might wonder where the viewpoint comes from, that says white people should not marry with persons of other races.  Maybe you’re thinking that it probably came from the Ku Klux Klan, which was a far more prominent organization in the 20th century than in today’s time.

The Origins of Hate

However, it actually goes back hundreds of years in history.  Originally, some early writers of Islam and Judaism suggested that the curse of Canaan caused Ham (Canaan’s father) to become “smitten in his skin.”  They spoke against intermarrying people of different “races” mainly because of inherent religious differences between Jews, Muslims and Christians, who were mixing cultures and religious rituals.

In the Middle Ages, racist attitudes were not very prevalent, although some civilizations used the scripture to justify caste system of nobles separated from commoners.  However, in the 1700s and 1800s, when African slavery trade began to rise, the superstition returned and white slave-keepers used it to justify their immoral activities.

Ironically, the Canaanites themselves, ceased to exist as a nation by the Third Punic War in 149 B.C., and their descendants are practically scattered among all races and ethnicities.  While some segregation supporters arose in the 19th and 20th centuries, such as the KKK, their arguments increasingly depended on white supremacist propaganda and not any actual biblical justification.

Why Some People Are Still Against Intermarrying

Some people today still hold superstitious views about genetic purity, pioneered by racist scientists of the early 20th century.  However, this is a ridiculous argument, considering that most people are already “mixed” from a variety of peoples mixing from years ago; the Spaniards, Italians, Irish, British, Native Americans, and so on.

Some parents might fear that black women white men dating or vice versa, might cause a disturbance in society or even provoke violence.  However, studies show that millennials and Generation X are the most open-minded generation we have ever had, as regards to intermarrying and dating.

Now is the time to be proud of your race, your appearance and your attraction to the people you are attracted to.

What About Marrying a Person of a Different Faith?

It is true that marrying someone of a different faith, while not necessarily condemned by God, is considered unwise by most Christians, orthodox Jews and Muslims.  This is not because of prejudice but because of the logical expectation that not being able to confide in your partner your religious thoughts, and count on him/her as your rock of faith and strength, may cause stress.  It can even wear down your faith.  So yes, it does matter ift you want a relationship that is peaceful and compatible with who you really are.  If you need some help in finding someone that is religious minded, but of another race, connect with interracial dating sites and get some help!

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